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Short Code Compliance Updates



The Cellular Telephone Industry Association (CTIA) recently issued a new version (v1.3) of their Mobile Compliance Handbook, attached for your reference to this page as a link to downloadable .pdf file.  As a reminder, your applicable ClearLine Service Agreement obligates you to follow these guidelines strictly.  Highlights include:

  • · Addition of Consumer Bill of Rights
  • · Addition of Consumer Alert:  Important Updates to the FCC Telephone Consumer Protection Act, Effective October 16, 2013
  • · Additions to Point-of-Sale Opt-In Requirements

The new version of the CTIA Mobile Compliance Handbook is effective December 1, 2013.

Download Your Copy of CTIA compliance    CTIA Mobile Commerce Compliance Handbook v 1 3


Beginning immediately, AT&T will initiate de-provisioning of short codes with expired CSCA leases.  As this is an automated process that cannot be reversed, please ensure that your short code leases are paid in a timely manner to avoid unintentional deprovisioning.


U.S. Cellular has updated its Campaign Playbook with new policies that are effective immediately.  ClearLine has been provided the following highlights:

“1. U.S. Cellular® will not accept hosting/mock-ups of web opt-in pages for any brands. The live web opt-in page must be available.

2. Paper opt-ins are prohibited for all premium campaigns and all financial institutions and credit/debit card campaigns.

3. All paper opt-ins require hand set verification.”

An updated version of the U.S. Cellular Campaign Playbook has not been received by ClearLine.


*IMPORTANT NOTICE FROM CLEARLINE: As you are aware, the mobile communications industry heavily regulates short codes. Specifically, entities such as the Cellular Telephone Industry Association (“CTIA”), Mobile Marketing Association (“MMA”), and individual mobile carriers each issue rules and guidelines that you are responsible for knowing and following when you use ClearLine’s services. Some of these rules and guidelines stem from the increased lawsuits and government actions that have occurred over the past several years, directly impacting the use of text messaging for business purposes and sometimes resulting in multi-million dollar settlements or hefty fines for entities involved with the non-compliant programs. The mobile marketing industry has witnessed consumers, the carriers, the FTC, and the FCC going after content providers who violate certain rules and regulations and pursue methods that are considered an abuse of the use of short codes and text messaging. In summary, this industry has become more heavily regulated, and the review of the use of text messaging by businesses is more carefully audited and scrutinized by regulating agencies.


This intense focus on violations and the process changes affect both you and ClearLine and, moving forward, will require a greater amount of diligence and care in using short codes and text messaging as a communications platform. As such, please take notice of the important issues addressed above in order to stay compliant. Please note that the information contained in these short code compliancy updates is not intended to be construed as a form of legal advice or as approval or disapproval of the content therein. This information is being provided solely to make you aware of the issues that may impact your business and use of short codes. If you feel that any of the notices may have legal implications for you or your company, please seek the advice of your legal counsel. For any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your ClearLine Account Manager or the ClearLine Short Codes Department for further guidance; however, any information that may be provided by the ClearLine Short Codes Department or other ClearLine representative regarding short code compliancy shall not supersede the guidelines provided by carriers, the CTIA, MMA, or any other regulating entity, and customers should not rely upon the representations of ClearLine representatives for compliancy or legal purposes. We thank you in advance for your understanding and compliance, and we appreciate your business and look forward to the continued success of our professional relationship.


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