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ClearLine Mobile Launches Digital Rewards and Incentives Service.

Customer Loyalty Is the Most Important Asset of Your Business

ENCINO, Calif. (December 9th, 2013) – ClearLine Mobile, a mobile marketing and customer loyalty company, is proud to introduce MyDigi platform  This innovative service features customized digital rewards and incentives available online or on a mobile device.  MyDigi bolsters marketing campaign efficiency and dramatically improves dealer and customer loyalty for Service and POS providers, ISOs and Distributors in the prepaid market.

MyDigi utilizes real time, multichannel loyalty engagement with consumers to convert them into loyal customers through digital rewards, incentives and data capture.  In a stark contrast with traditional loyalty and reward programs requiring significant upfront investment in technology, development and rewards catalog, MyDigi allows instant, cost-efficient delivery of customizable promotional items to customers.

“We experienced great success helping our clients generate off-the-charts conversion ratios and double digit growth in service consumption through customer reward and loyalty programs,” said Nate Moshkovich, EVP at ClearLine Mobile.  “Our new MyDigi rewards platform relies on basic consumer psychology – everyone loves being valued and receiving gifts.  This powerful marketing tool is unique because our partners can create and customize their own digital gifts and loyalty rewards.”

MyDigi is a simple and flexible marketing campaign system.  A Reward Code PIN (Personal Identification Number) can be supplied in digital form or printed on the package, receipt, or promotional card.  An unlimited number of reward codes can be generated and linked to a huge selection of rewards, incentives, gifts or prizes. MyDigi provides users with branded web and mobile interfaces for customer registration and incentive redemption.  The reward codes can be conveniently delivered via SMS, email, push notification and internal distribution downloads, or more traditionally, on product packages.

Most importantly, MyDigi platform is unrivaled because it allows users to pay only for the incentives actually redeemed by their customers.  Conventional rewards issuance models require heavy initial investments in gifts and prizes, however, not all customers redeem the rewards.  MyDigi is breakage-based, pay-as-you-go redemption model with the highest ROI for marketing outlays (breakage is the difference between distributed reward codes and redeemed incentives).  The choice is obvious – would you rather invest in rewards upfront or gradually pay only for rewards your customers actually redeem?

“Research indicates that nearly half of your current customers are ready to jump ship and switch their prepaid service to a different provider.  You may think that loyalty to a brand offering prepaid products and services is not possible, but it’s not true.  We repeat it over and over, but we can’t say it enough – developing loyal customers is the most profitable strategy for companies competing in today’s low margin Telecom environment,” added Moshkovich.  MyDigi rewards platform enhances profits by converting sporadic anonymous buyers into loyal repeat customers.

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About ClearLine Mobile
ClearLine Mobile is an industry pioneer in customized innovative digital engagement campaigns and loyalty programs for prepaid providers.  ClearLine’s platform features mobile rewards and incentive plans, SMS alerts and notifications, mobile coupons, mobile websites and content, and much more.  ClearLine manages the entire campaign, including database recording and tracking, compliance oversight, and evaluation reporting.  ClearLine Mobile is an industry leader for mobile marketing and loyalty programs serving national prepaid providers, long distance and wireless operators, e-commerce and retail channels and money transmitters.  For more information please visit

Media Contact:
Nate Moshkovich
EVP, ClearLine Mobile  Mobile: 818.967.7405


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