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Cuallix Selects ClearLine Mobile To Implement US and International Mobile Marketing Programs

ENCINO, Calif. (July 14, 2013) – ClearLine Mobile has been selected by Cuallix to enable real time SMS notifications to senders in the US and recipients in Mexico, informing them about bill payments being posted.

Cuallix, a Monterrey-based Mexican financial services company, will leverage its Mexican based financial services IT platform to introduce a secure, real time option for Hispanics in the United States to pay for bills from Mexican companies.

“For far too long, Hispanics living and working in the US have relied on services like Western Union to send money to relatives in Mexico, usually to pay bills. In this scenario a person would need to pay to have a check cashed and then pay again to initiate a wire transaction,” said Robert McAllister, vice president sales & marketing, Cuallix.

Sending a $300 USD wire to Mexico can cost between $12.99 and $20.00. Cuallix will offer walk-in bill pay services at select retail locations in the top 60 Hispanic cities across the US at a per transaction fee of less than $5, according to McAllister.

“Cuallix will also offer stored value products in card and electronic form allowing consumers to utilize our suite of web based products and services,” added McAllister.

“We are pleased to be working with an Innovative and Dynamic Financial Services Company as Cuallix in order to deploy a mobile presence and customer loyalty programs that are effective in increasing customer retention and service consumption,” stated ClearLine. “SMS notifications are a valuable measure to establish relationships with the mobile customer.”

About Cuallix
Cuallix is a financial services company focused on non banked and sub banked consumers, with special products and services for the Hispanic Market, including personal credits, credit cards, payroll deduction credits, furniture and electronics credits and bill payments. Cuallix will deploy walk in bill payment services through a portal network that will enable consumers to pay bills from Mexico Billers at Cuallix enabled locations throughout the United States. Cuallix has operations in México and the United States.

About ClearLine Mobile
ClearLine Mobile can build a mobile presence for prepaid providers from the ground up. ClearLine’s programs can include mobile rewards and incentive plans, SMS keyword, location-based and mobile coupons, mobile websites and content, and more. ClearLine manages the entire campaign, including database recording and tracking, compliance oversight, and evaluation reporting. With extensive prepaid industry experience servicing national prepaid providers, long distance and wireless operators, e-commerce and retail channels and money transmitters, ClearLine Mobile is the provider of choice to deploy mobile marketing and loyalty programs. For more information, please visit

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